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Howard Alexander

Howard Alexander  photo Howard Alexander
  • Black Belt
Howie has been involved with Judo for 35 plus years.  He is a 2nd-degree black belt. Judo is not just a passion of his, but it is the way he view's life. In Judo, Howie has learned that you will run into many challenges, but if you get back up and keep pushing forward, you have the chance to succeed, and good things will start to come your way( not saying it will be easy). 
For Howie, it is an honor to coach judo to youth and adults. He states "as The Factory Team gets to know me; you will understand coaching is not about me; it's all about the youth and adults." Howie's goal is to impact lives through Judo and everything he does. 
Judo classes are held on Sunday afternoon's and Tuesday evenings.
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