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Aaren Alger

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Women's Fitness Instructor

Aaren is a chemist by education, having earned her BS in Chemistry from Messiah University.
She spent the majority of her professional career working at the PA-DEP’s Bureau of Laboratories. With most of those years in the Laboratory Accreditation Program as laboratory assessor and then as the program manager. In 2020, Aaren founded Alger Consulting & Training, LLC to provide training and consulting services to environmental laboratories. As a high-school and college athlete, including soccer, track and field, cheerleading, she always found working out with friends to be the easiest way to forget that she was ‘working out’, and struggled after college to find a place that brought exercise, fun, and friends together in the same space. In 2009, Aaren joined Momentum Female Fitness Club in Mechanicsburg, PA where she was introduced to group exercise and found her passion for group fitness.

Then, in 2011, she began her journey to become a group fitness instructor. With the support of many friends and family she earned her first certification in Les Mills BodyCombat. Almost every year or two later she earned additional certifications which now include BodyVive, Les Mills Tone, BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyFlow, and TRX qualification. With the closing of Momentum Female Fitness after 20 years, Aaren brings more than 10 years of experience, enthusiasm, and passion to launch Group Exercise at The Factory. If you ask her what her fitness passion is, she’ll tell you, “I love helping women to find their confidence, exceed their own expectations, and accomplish goals that they didn’t even know they had. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different, it might become your new passion.”

Aaren is the first-born of four daughters and has three younger sisters that are her best friends. When she’s not teaching classes or helping environmental laboratories, she spends her free time hiking and relaxing with her husband Nick and two rescue dogs, Hannah and Max.

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