Parents Corner Rules


Please read...

Parents are vital to the success of our younger students. In most cases, the kids cannot come unless they are brought. Thank you for entrusting us with the grappling education of your child.  For their safety and the safety of other children we have a few rules for parents who choose to stay and watch practice. Please understand Primus Coaches are well trained and need complete focus during the class to properly instruct. These rules are intended to facilitate a safe and respectful environment for all the children.  Thanks in advance for your close attention to the below:


1. No Coaching from the Sideline: Let the coach teach.  If you have any concerns, please talk to an Owner to address the coaches. If you are not a trained jiu-jitsu or wrestling athlete, then your opinion might be incorrect, which can result in injuries.

2. No Cheering from the Sideline: (unless you're attending an in-house tournament) our little ones don't all carry the same competitive drive as their parents. Some kids will be there to compete, and some won't. Please refrain from urging your child to go for the gold...

3Foul Language WILL NOT be Tolerated: We have all dropped something on our foot or kicked the corner of the bed in the dark, but outside of obvious unexpected pain, repeat offenders will be asked to leave. Staff and Coaches will most likely hand out some form of discipline to discourage bad behavior of any sort, so push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, suicide runs, or other physical exertion should be expected for any misconduct, but especially foul or abusive language.

4. No Street Shoes Past the Fence: Our bathroom is located at the far corner of the room. we ask you to remove your shoes before walking past the fence (turf and mats) in order to keep our floors sanitary. We will take great lengths to keep the facility clean, and street shoes/bathroom sandals are a big concern for those in contact with the floors. Please use the sandals provided when entering the bathroom.

5. No Children on the Mats without a Coach's Permission: We ask that the kids line up on the turf and wait for a coach to give permission to enter the mats. We will do many fun things on the mats, including soccer, tag, football, races... but the room is not a free play area. we would hate for a child to miss class because they were hurt from horseplay. 

6. Young Siblings Need to Stay by their Parents: If your child is 4 years or older they may sign up and join the class. There is Karate next door if you are looking for something for your little one, but for the class in progress and others' respect, please keep the little ones safe and sound.

7. Keep the Germs at Home: Although we appreciate a focus on commitment, an ambitious decision to train while sick could negatively affect your child and others. If your child is displaying any symptoms of illness, please know we understand their absence and would prefer they wait to come back until they're healthy and ready to enjoy their time here.

8.  Stay behind the Fence:  We do not want parents sitting down the wall along the mats.  You can hang out behind the fence or feel free to drop your children off and go run some errands or grab a kid free dinner.


We expect all parents and children to abide by these rules.  Failure to do so will result in a dismissal from The Factory.